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Flat Rodless Cylinder MRV series

・The cylinders having 35; 45 and 56mm bore are added to standard ones.

・This flat barreled Rodless Cylinder allows low speed operation; low center of gravity and non-rotation.
・Type with shock absorber and M-shaped mount are available.
・RoHS compliant product.

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Slit Type Rodless Cylinder ORC-10 series

・Long stroke and high-speed operation with half the installation space.
・Slit-type eliminates the need for detents or guides; and the load can be applied directly onto the carriage.
・Simplifies structure of machine and equipment and also greatly reduces design man-hours.

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Slit Type Rodless Cylinder ORV Series

・Unique oval piston configuration sets new standard for “Lower price; Shorter; and Thinner” rodless cylinder.
・Allows compact and simple design; and is particularly effective for space-saving applications.
・Combination with linear guides achieves lower gravity center and smoother operation.

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Magnet Type Rodless Cylinder with Integrated Guides MRB Series

・New sizes 20 and 25mm available.
・Built-in guide mechanism ! Lightweight. Compact, and high-rigidity !.
・Minimum operating speed: 10 mm/s Maximum operating speed: 1000mm/s.
・NSF H1 grade food processing machinery spec. available.

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