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Offering a variety of grippers for specific needs, choose from the various types of grippers including Wide Opening Parallel, Wide Parallel and Narrow Parallel grippers.

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Our guided cylinders have standard magnetic pistons in all sizes and the non-rotating design enables precision positioning. They are compact for space saving and are suitable for multi-axis assemblies and design of robot arms. They can be operated with or without lubrication.

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Pneumatic & Hydraulic Swing Clamps

We offer a variety of Swing clamps fit for your needs. Please have a look at our catalogue to find the right swing clamp for you.

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Rodless Cylinders

A typical air cylinder has a rod and piston that operates the air cylinder. A rodless air cylinder has no rod outside of the cylinder but rather a piston connected to a carriage inside the cylinder. The different types of airless rod cylinders include cable cylinders, magnetically coupled air cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, and band cylinders.

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Magnetic pistons are standard on all models and are designed to be compact and save space. It features a rectangular body design with end caps, ports in one end and adjusting screws at opposite ends. The rack and pinion design is designed to minimize backlash.

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Stopper Cylinder

Fabco-Air is now offering a modified version of its 32 mm bore Global Series® cylinder for use in conveyor stopping applications. With its new, heavy duty mounting, oversized piston rod and its special rod bearing with increased surface area, the cylinder stands tough against the abuse of side impact loading.

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Swing Clamps

The clamp arm rotates 90┬░ as it extends away from the workpiece providing clearance and access for unload/load operations. Double acting operation and standard magnetic piston offer positive cycles, durability and workpiece detection features. Extruded aluminum body mounts directly and rigidly to equipment surfaces in a minimum of space.

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