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Ball Valves, Low & High Pressure

Ball Valves can offer a variety of functions and uses based on your requirements. We offer a variety of Ball Valve options in Brass or Steel.

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Solenoid & Air-Operated Valves

High performance solenoid and air-pilot activated valves offer reliability, high-flow rates, compact and rugged designs, low power consumption, high-speed response, long life cycle, DIN connections with built-in surge suppression, and indicator lights. Manifold options, including built-in push-in fittings, pre-wired electric connections, and simple installation, maintenance, and control.

3V1 Series (3/2 way) Solenoid Valve

3V2 Series 3/2 way) Solenoid Valve

3V100, 3V200, 3V300 (3/2 way) Series Solenoid Valves

4V100, 4V200, 4V300, 4V400 (5/2 way, 5/3 way) Series Solenoid Valves

3A100, 3A200, 3A300 Series (3/2 way) Air-Operated Valves

4A100, 4A200, 4A300, 4A400 (5/2 way, 5/3 way) Series Air-Operated Valves

Mechanical Valves

We offer a large selection of manual air valves, foot-operated air valves, and lever operated air valves for a variety of pneumatic applications. We also provide Tiny Air Components for Tiny Air Control using compact valves, virtually all of the necessary peripheral devises for the operation of small cylinders and easy configuration of simple pneumatic circuits.

4H Series Hand Lever Valves

4HV Series Hand Lever Valves

3L Series 3/2 way Push-Pull Valves

4L Series 5/2 way Push-Pull Valves

HSV Series Hand Slide Valves

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Pilot Operated Check

Lock your pneumatic device in position when a pressure drop or total loss of pressure occurs. Manual release for exhausting trapped air before maintaining the system (OSHA Requirement).


  • Immediate Checking
  • Optional Manual Release
  • .0000522 cc/min Leak Rate
  • Low & High Temp

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Counter Balance

The counter balance valve will hold a load in position until pressure or an external force is applied to move the load. Turning the adjusting screw clockwise will increase the load carrying capacity of the valve.


  • Holding position
  • Prevent runaway loads
  • Pneumatic resistor

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Cartridge Valves for Customer Manifolds

Cartridges for custom OEM manifolds, for holding position in the event of a pressure drop or a total loss of pressure.


  • High flow
  • .000113 cc/min Leak rate
  • Inserts from one side
  • Easy installation

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