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005 Series Micro Valve

Koganei have created a light-weight, low-power Solenoid Valve that is the world’s smallest to date. The new Micro 3-port 005 Series from Koganei, measures 5.9mm (0.232 in) wide, making it the ideal choice for device and equipment miniaturization.

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Fluor Resin Control Valve

Fluor resin control valves and accessories for advanced purity applications and precision control in severe or extreme conditions.

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Proportional Control Valve

High-precision Proportional Control Valve has been newly developed, which is optimum for the production lines, plants, etc. of air, gas, liquid, etc. The step less control is realized, which is necessary to control the flow rate of gas and liquid.

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PVR Valve

Compact 2- and 3-Port Media Isolation Valve

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PVS Valve

12 mm width indirect acting solenoid valves for chemical solutions Synchronous operation of up to two air operated valves with one solenoid!

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