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About Us

Welcome to Air & Hydraulic Supplies Inc., your source and supply of Industrial Automation Devices and motion control components related in the field of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and Vacuum applications.


We work one-on-one with you to provide the best solutions for your pneumatic and/or hydraulic applications.


With over 40 years in the fluid power industry, our team can confidently advise the top products to achieve your specific manufacturing or engineering needs.


With our diverse product lines, Air & Hydraulic can offer the latest technology to ensure your production operates optimally and efficiently.

About Us

Air & Hydraulic Supplies Inc. is a young energetic company positioning itself to succeed in the Fluid Power Industry.  We aspire to provide and offer a high quality experience, diversified product lines, off the shelf delivery and competitive pricing for your specific Air & Hydraulic supply needs.

The proprietors of Air & Hydraulic Supplies Inc. have earned a well-respected reputation for service and integrity, backed by over 40+ years of reliable Air & Hydraulic solutions, within the North American market. By working closely with our dealers and customers, we apply our knowledge and experience to offer a more complete bundling of products, to be a single source for more products.

What differentiates Air & Hydraulic Supplies Inc. from the mainstream competitors:

Fast Delivery

Diverse Products

Reliable Support

Appealing Prices

Looking for price and delivery on a product?

Our diverse product lines have given us the opportunity to offer unique products & services in industries such as:



Automation Equipment

ECO Sciences


Environmental Sciences

Packaging/Material Handling

Warehouse and Logistics

Printing and Converting

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