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We offer a huge line of vacuum cups to service your specific needs. Click on the catalogue link below to see a full list of our product offering.
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Vacuum Filters

Vacuum filters should be used in all vacuum pick and place applications.  The models shown below are connected either directly to vacuum pumps or generators or placeed inline to protect other upstream equipment such as valves, sensorts and switches.

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Vacuum Pumps & Venturi Generators

Complete vacuum range consisting of simple vacuum generators, valves suitable for vacuum, vacuum switches and vacuum grippers

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Vacuum Switches

The VAS vacuum switch is a simple mechanical indicator of vacuum level achievement. Fully adjustable and with a simple push to connect fitting for vacuum connection the VAS switch is ideal for most part presence applications.

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Vacuum Valves

The Vacuforce direct acting vacuum valves have been developed for use in applications which require a full port vacuum flow without the need for an external air pilot such as is required with spool valves.

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